We come from humble beginnings


With flying comes joy, but also risk. Those who watch my videos know how close I fly to subjects to get unique shots and take full advantage a drone’s maneuverability. 


As an aerospace engineer, I use my analytical and technical skills in building drones from scratch. Soon I found myself applying my knowledge toward repairing drones for friends and coworkers. Not only did I save them time and money, but I was able to provide them with the personal level of service they were seeking. In the repair business, customers hope they won’t need a reason to return, but I found myself with clients coming back to me for flight lessons and for all their drone related questions. 


It’s human nature, we make mistakes and crash. But that should not deter you from quitting. As a drone advocate, I want to help remove any obstacles that prevent people from discovering and enjoying flying. Happy Flying!  


-Han John Tse 

Orange County

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