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1) Create a ticket

2) Receive a preliminary quote

3) Drop off the drone or arrange a meetup

4) Receive a confirmed quote

You approve or deny repair

5) If approved, the drone is fixed

If denied, the drone is returned after the inspection fee is paid

Check ticket status on the customer portal

6) Pay repair invoice

7) Pick up drone and fly!

Special notes about our virtual office

  • As of 2020, we are now "on call" and no longer have a store front staffed with an employee at all times
  • Rest assured we still have our team of skilled technicians and our dedication to the best customer service
  • Drones can be dropped off at our designated parcel office after ticket creation
  • Please make an appointment if you need to meet us in person for any reason
  • Parcel office staffs' only responsibility is to safely hold on to your drone.
  • Please contact us if you have any drone related questions as they will not be able to answer them for you.

Hi San Diego!

We are reestablishing service in San Diego again (Rancho Bernardo 92128) and some services are limited

If we are unable to assist in San Diego, our Orange County staff may be able to assist